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Detailing & Finishing

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FULL DETAIL * Best Value
$250 (Includes $25 car wash gift card)

• Keep your vehicle showroom new
• Complete exterior detail (see exterior menu for complete description)
• Complete interior detail (see interior menu for complete description)
• Includes $25 car wash gift card
* 2-door compact cars receive an additional $25 discount
* Large vehicles and car condition subject to an additional charge

$175 Includes Gold Wash

• Extensive cleaning of interior
• Upholstery & carpets shampooed and extracted
• Stain removal & low-luster UV dressing of trim
• Thorough cleaning of door jams
• Leather cleaned & conditioned
• Fresh scent application and deodorizing
* Large vehicles and car condition subject to an additional charge


• Thorough & extensive exterior cleaning of vehicle
• Polishing & dressing of exterior trim, tires and all metal
• Clay bar treatment, waxing & sealing of painted surface
* Large vehicles and car condition subject to an additional charge


• Thorough & extensive exterior and interior cleaning, including door
jams and removable floor mats
• Low-luster dressing applied to dash, vents and center console
• Dressing applied to tires and all trim
* Large vehicles and car condition subject to an additional charge
* Add an Express Wax for only $49.95

Detailing A La Carte:

• Engines degreased, steam-cleaned and conditioned - $50 & Up
• Tree sap, tar, paint & contaminate removal is charged accordingly to
the time involved - $75/hour
• Scratch Removal: Minor scratches, water spots, over spray oxidation
removed from the paint surface. Vehicle MUST be waxed and sealed
after the paint is cut. Prices vary according to the size, condition and
amount of time & repair materials necessary for the vehicle.
• RV’s, boats, campers, people movers, airplanes, construction
vehicles, etc. are all welcomed. Wash & detail by hand.
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. These will be priced according to size,
condition & desired service.


Night Owl Detail Service

In by 5pm, out the next morning. Call or email for more information.


Free Pick Up and Delivery Fully Insured.


Aircraft Detailing

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A: Large Jets, Heavy Planes B: Light to Medium C: Small Planes & Helicopters

Complete Interior and Exterior Detail:

The most thorough and extensive interior & exterior cleaning of the craft. Extra attention paid to bug removal and degreasing on the undercarriage, landing gears, and exhaust/engine components. The painted surface is completely waxed and sealed. The interior is extensively cleaned using items such as toothbrushes, Q-tips, & non-caustic chemicals and micro-fibers. Upholstery & carpets are shampooed and extracted to remove dirt and grime. Stains are vigorously treated. Leather/Vinyl is carefully cleaned and CONDITIONED. All trim is dressed with a low luster dressing and UV protection. Plastic Polishing of the windows in and out as well as boot treatment are included

A: $900 and up
B: $600 to $900
C: $400 to $600


Complete Exterior Detail:

A very thorough and extensive exterior cleaning of the craft Paying extra attention to 100% removal of bugs and grease. Thorough cleaning of the landing grear and engine compartment available. Plastic polish and boot treatment included. All the painted surfaces are professionaly polished and sealed. Extra cleaning with clay bar and compounding for scratches and/or oxidation removal is available. UV protection applied as necessary.

A: $750 and up
B: $500 to $750
C: $400 to $500


Wash, Degrease and Dry:

A very extensive degreasing and scrubbing to the underbody, landing gear, and engine compartment followed by a thorough bug removal and washing of entire craft. Towel dried and dry buffed with a micro fiber to a spotless finish. Plastic polish, boot treatment, and UV protection available

A: $450 and up
B: $350 and up
C: $250 and up

Car Wash Services

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(Price depends on size and condition of vehicle)

Car Wash A La Carte:


Windshield Repair, Replacement, and Tinting

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Please call 970-870-3366 for info.


Discount Wash Cards & Gift Certificates

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Pre paid wash/gift/fleet cards and gift certificates can be purchased for both our Full Service and Self Serve locations. Please call 970-870-3363 for more info and special pricing.


Auto Accessories

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Custom wheels and tires & snow tires.
Custom floor liners, mats and cargo liners.
3M Clear bra / rock and bug chip protection...professionaly installed applications
Pet barriers, seat covers, custom sheep skin seat covers, Bug guards, side window deflectors, and much more
call for pricing